ГБУЗ «Онкологический диспансер №2» МЗ КК

354057, г. Сочи, ул. Дагомысская 38, секретарь: (862) 261-43-89, регистратура: (862) 261-43-93, е-mail: onko13@sochi.com

Day Care Chemotherapy

The day care is a structural department of the Budgetary Public Health Facility Oncology Dispensary No. 2 and provides preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation services for patients who do not require round-the-clock medical supervision, using modern medical technologies in accordance with the standards and protocols of patient management. The department has 10 beds; it is open 5 days a week in 1 shift. 


The photo depicts the head oncologist,
Candidate of Medical Sciences
Svetlana Nikolaevna Gosteva
(second from right),
chemotherapist E.V. Leusenko,
procedural sisters
E.G. Zhuravel, R.R. Tuberdine.