ГБУЗ «Онкологический диспансер №2» МЗ КК

354057, г. Сочи, ул. Дагомысская 38, секретарь: (862) 261-43-89, регистратура: (862) 261-43-93, е-mail: onko13@sochi.com

Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory

Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory of the Budgetary Public Health Facility Oncology Dispensary No. 2 of the Department of Health of the Krasnodar Region provides the following types of examinations and tests: hematologic, cytochemical, cytologic, clinical, biochemical, coagulation, sternal puncturing.
CDL is fitted with laboratory equipment, which allowed introducing and utilizing the following types of test during the period from 2000 to 2007:
1. Hematology test. We utilize the following automatic hematology analyzers: Abacus, Mythic 18.
2. Biochemical test. We utilize the Rayto-19 and VITALON 400, which allows us to expand the number of tested biochemical parameters.

  cliniko diagnosticheskaia laboratoriia1
cliniko diagnosticheskaia laboratoriia1

We are planning to open a new immunology laboratory.
Our clinical diagnostic laboratory staff consists of 2 doctors - 1 highest category doctor, 1 first category doctor, 4 lab technicians, 1 highest category lab technician, 3 first category lab technicians.